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You can read my profile, read what this site main purpose and other infomation regarding this site. I hope i can give you much valuable information about what you are looking for especially in civil/structure thing. Regards, Author.







Candra KurniawanLife is a journey, not a destination… And I can’t tell just what tomorrow brings. We have to learn to crawl before we learn to walk. But I just couldn’t listen to all that righteous talk. I was out on the street just trying to survive, scratchin' to stay alive… (amazing - aerosmith).

Candra Kurniawan aka SynClaire was born in Indonesia. I was finished education at Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Civil Engineering. I have experienced in oil and gas engineering services company as Civil/Structural Engineer and involved in several fixed platform analysis and onshore analysis.

This site was built on January 08, 2008 and the main purpose is to provide all everything about civil/structural engineering needs. If you have a question, suggestion, article you want to share/add to my site or even critics you can contact me on the following email address below.

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